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Radiation test for your structure? You’re in the right place. Looking for a veteran, experienced and professional professional?  Found!

At Daniel Karina we decided to emphasize Radiation protection envelope, of various types.  Our company provides professional advice to companies and institutions on everything related to electromagnetic radiation, from exposure level assessment (prediction or radiation estimation), through comprehensive radiation testing and protection planning.  In addition, we offer solutions to radiation problems resulting from ALMG compatibility issues.

Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Solutions Radiation, Certifications on behalf of the Ministry For environmental protection for radiation testing in the entire frequency range:
• RF radiation (electromagnetic)
• ELF network radiation.

*All devices used. The company is calibrated as required by law and recognized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Radiation test?

A radiation test is a technical test performed by a qualified radiation examiner.

The purpose of the radiation test is to detect deviations from the recommendations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, with regard to radiation levels.  The inspection includes special equipment, detailed reports, a comprehensive examination of the entire area of the building, an examination of electrical appliances, an examination of the location of antennas and installations near the building, and more.

Radiation testing that must meet the Green Building Standard (Standard 5281) It is important to consult with a qualified examiner who will accompany the project from beginning to end.  Starting from the first moment with a radiation consultant can save you costs in building your new structure – there are problems and challenges that from our experience we can identify and solve at an early stage of construction and save bureaucracy, time and most importantly – money. 

Our Services

Fast radiation test at an affordable price!

You need a radiation test - don't compromise, don't wait and don't hesitate - this is exactly our specialty. We have been providing radiation consulting, radiation forecasting and estimation services and of course professional radiation testing for over 10 years in Israel. Let us take care of radiation - and you can sleep with peace of mind.

Measuring electrical radiation

We specialize in identifying and treating electrical radiation in order to prevent health damage in residential areas, industrial and commercial zones and public areas. Daniel Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions - a leader in Israel with expertise in detecting, measuring and treating electrical radiation (ELF). Our measuring instruments are among the most modern and advanced and all radiation tests are performed by qualified examiners. These tests are fundamental for locating sources of radiation in your environment.

Solutions & Protection

We specialize in radiation protection solutions and work in cooperation with experts in the field from Israel and abroad. We provide particularly effective protection solutions to reduce exposure to dangerous radiation. High-quality and effective protection that prevents the effects and damage of health. Have all the means and knowledge required to install protective solutions. We also use only high-quality materials to provide effective and long-lasting radiation protection solutions. At the end of the installation of the shielding, we conduct a comprehensive and professional radiation test and provide the customer with a detailed report.

Radiation prediction

One of the experts in Israel to assess exposure levels in the field of electric grid frequencies and radio frequencies. Working with the architectural design on the electrical plans intended for the building, we perform mathematical calculations with which the radiation lines are calculated. Radiation forecasting is an insurance certificate for safe construction from radiation. The procedure for radiation forecasting aims to plan in advance the electrical system in residential towers, private homes and public buildings so that they are protected from dangerous radiation.

Measuring radiofrequency radiation

We specialize in all matters related to the identification and treatment of radiofrequency radiation in order to prevent health damage in residential areas and industrial and commercial areas. We employ qualified radiation examiners and specialize in risk survey assessment and thorough examination that enables not only identifying cellular radiation but also the source and responsible for it. Answer any questions that bother you and produce a professional report that is admissible in court. We also operate in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Environmental Protection regarding reducing public exposure to radiation.

Why do I need a radiation test?

Radiation testing today is necessary because in recent years, with the increase in the use of digital devices connected to the Internet (3G, 4G and 5G), the average amount of radiation around buildings, antennas and private homes has also increased.  The gravity of this problem should not be taken lightly, since radiation damage in the field of health is significant, especially in the long term.

Governments and municipalities around the world have raised awareness of radiation and imposed a significant number of regulations, restrictions and laws regarding the construction of buildings while taking into account the radiation levels that may be generated around the building. Without conducting a comprehensive and professional radiation test, permits and authorization will not be granted for certain projects. 

If you are in the process of construction (green or regular construction) or in the process of purchasing a property and / or renting and you are interested in a professional and comprehensive radiation test, at a fair price and in a quick time –

Don’t think twice – we’re here for you!

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