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We take care of you and your health!

We at Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions, accompany you personally and professionally throughout the radiation protection process.

The process begins with measuring and locating the source of radiation, through finding a solution for protection and up to making the necessary changes or upgrades in order to achieve maximum protection.

We at Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions advocate personal attention, providing professional and detailed explanations and patient accompaniment at eye level. Our goal is indeed to detect radiation, but when it is discovered, it usually arouses hysteria and great fear, and at this point lies our great advantage.

In addition to the above services, our certified radiation consultants also provide the solution that will return you to a radiation-free environment. We address the problem or alternatively provide recommendations for solving the problem in a practical way.

Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions has extensive expertise in a wide range of radiation types. This expertise is translated into optimal detection of radiation sources, both overt and covert, which require a deep understanding of radiation and uncompromising thoroughness. Even when the source of radiation is found, we continue to locate additional sources until safe and healthy values are measured.

Measuring radiofrequency radiation

Radiofrequency radiation (RF), or electromagnetic radiation, is radiation that comes from devices such as mobile phones, microwaves, visible or hidden cellular antennas in the residential area, and more. Exposure to high levels of this radiation can cause particularly serious diseases.

Measuring electrical radiation

Low frequency radiation of the electric grid or ELF comes from power lines of the Israel Electric Corporation, groundings, transformer rooms, household electrical appliances and more. We are witnessing the presence of high-voltage power lines and transformer rooms in the vicinity of homes, schools and kindergartens. In many cases, the public is not aware of the existence of this dangerous radiation.

Radiation Protection Solutions

Radiation shielding is a process in which special equipment is installed on electrical panels and other devices that emit ionizing and artificial radiation in order to prevent the spread of radiation. Today, it is customary to perform radiation shielding in a variety of places such as residential buildings, kindergartens, transformer rooms and more. It is very important to stay in an environment without non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, since radiation has a tremendous effect and health damage on the body’s cells to the point of developing dangerous diseases such as cancer.

Imaging / Estimation / Radiation Prediction / Evaluation of Exposure Levels

During the planning and construction stages of buildings, radiation forecasting is performed, i.e. estimating radiation rates based on electrical plans. When radiation prediction is performed in a particular structure, we receive information about the quantity, intensity and location of electromagnetic fields and the expected powers in each area of the structure. Radiation prediction prior to building construction includes a variety of advantages. In addition, in order to obtain an operating permit from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, a contractor or developer building a residential building, etc., must perform radiation forecasting.