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Interested in taking a radiation measurement? Looking for a qualified and professional radiation surveyor?
Nice to meet you, we are Daniel – forecasting consulting and radiation solutions. We are one of the oldest experts in Israel in everything related to radiation measurement and radiation protection in order to prevent health damage in residential areas and industrial and commercial areas. If you are interested in measuring radiation for your building or for a project under construction – we recommend that you consult us – veteran and qualified experts with over 20 years of experience in the field

Radiation measurement - what you need to know

Radiation of all kinds is everywhere and anytime and therefore, it is very important to be aware of it. Today’s regulations are very strict with regard to green building (Standard 5281)
In order to protect the environment in which you are located such as your home or office, we recommend that you perform a radiation measurement performed by a few simple and quick tests.  

So what is radiation? Radiation is energy in the form of waves, and each radiation has a different length and intensity of a wave. Exposure to radiation in low amounts is not dangerous (in fact, we are all exposed all the time to radiation of different intensities) and in short periods. However, exposure to high-intensity, long-term radiation can have devastating effects on health. Radiation measurement today is a necessity in the construction of many buildings, out of concern for the lives of the residents and passersby around. In addition, with the increase in the number of cellular devices, antennas and smart devices, we will be exposed to more and more radiation in the coming years. 

When to perform a radiation measurement?

So when should we take a radiation measurement, and when should we not?

Radiation measurement before buying/renting a home – just as we pay a realtor, a lawyer, a home inspection company – so it is also important to perform a radiation test before every purchase of a property! High voltage lines, high voltage lines and transformers in the vicinity are sources of electrical radiation that can be dangerous.

Before renting / buying a property – before you take any property under your wing – it is very important to check the amount of radiation present in the building. A simple test can save years of living under dangerous radiation.

Radiation measurement for the workplace – a certified radiation examiner will be able to check, plan and advise you on the optimal way to arrange the computers and mobile devices in the various offices, thus ensuring proper amounts of radiation and preventing exposure that may be harmful to health. 

Home radiation measurement – In the same way that commercial buildings and offices should be examined and planned in a “green” way (a form in which there is no chance of damage due to radiation), so too should your home be checked and adapted in the safest and most correct way. A professional radiation surveyor will provide you with a comprehensive report with the different radiation levels in the different areas of the house, and will even guide you in reorganizing the existing furniture in the house in the healthiest way. 

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How do I choose a certified radiation surveyor?

A radiation surveyor does not receive the title of “certified” without a reason. A certified and professional radiation surveyor must hold the license and permits required to perform radiation measurement and testing. The results of radiation measurement have a great impact on our health and our future, so it is important that they be performed only by a licensed and certified professional. 

Before choosing the radiation meter that will come to take the measurements for you, it is important to check 2 things:

  • Valid permit for radiation surveyors – radiation surveyors undergo various tests and certifications from the Ministry of Environmental Protection in order to receive a permit to perform radiation measurements. 
    After measuring radiation, the radiation surveyor prepares a test findings report for us and we can use it only if it is signed by a certified radiation surveyor and has a permit. If the permit is not valid, the entire inspection is not valid, so it is very important to verify the validity of the examiner’s permit before performing the test.

  • Valid permit for equipment – it is very important that all equipment and instruments used by the radiation surveyor also have a permit from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In order for the measurements to be correct and accurate, all devices must be calibrated as required by law and recognized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


Anyone who wants to measure the level of radiation in his environment or in his home and wants to know what the radiation level is and whether it is safe.
Municipalities, private homes, apartment owners, business owners, offices, house committees, residential buildings, educational institutions, etc.

Daniel – Forecasting consulting and radiation solutions specialize in everything related to radiation measurement and radiation protection to prevent health damage, so you can perform radiation measurement with our help. Contact us and we will arrange for you a certified radiation surveyor on our behalf. 

Types of radiation and radiation measurement:
1. ELF electrical radiation – is low frequency radiation emanating from electrical cabinets, high voltage lines (electricity poles), computers and any device that emits electrical radiation. 
2. RF cellular radiation – is high-frequency radiation, emanating mainly from mobile cellular devices, antennas, routers (WiFi), microwaves and wireless communication containers.

According to the “Non-Ionizing Radiation” Law enacted in 2009, radiation measurement must be performed only by a certified radiation surveyor who has undergone training through the Ministry of Environmental Protection and has a permit to measure and perform radiation tests.
In addition, the measuring equipment of each certified radiation surveyor is tested to ensure that the equipment is in working order, and calibrated annually by a state-authorized laboratory. 

The role of a certified radiation surveyor is to perform the radiation measurement correctly and accurately, to discover the sources of radiation and to advise on radiation protection and reducing exposure to radiation. After completing the examination, the radiation surveyor will provide you with a radiation test report – a document with the results of the radiation levels found in the measurement and a detailed explanation. 

The answer is yes! Using advanced protection systems, it is possible to protect against radiation. 

Daniel – Forecasting consulting and radiation solutions offer radiation protection services through advanced systems.
Our company is professional and has extensive experience in the field, in addition our company provides professional advice to companies and institutions, for example, exposure level assessment (radiation prediction or estimation), radiation testing and solutions to ALMG compliance problems.

Radiation measurements by a certified radiation surveyor are not expensive tests and usually cost no more than a few hundred shekels. Of course, the price varies according to the size of the place being examined (there is a difference between checking a small apartment or private house and a factory or institution).

We at Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions specialize in measuring radiation and performing tests by a certified radiation surveyor on our behalf. We invite you to contact us for a consultation and to receive a price quote. 

To perform a radiation measurement by a certified radiation surveyor, call us at 050-510-5050 and we will arrange a radiation measurement at your convenience. Another way to order a radiation measurement is to leave us your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a measurement.

Interested in scheduling a radiation measurement with us? Contact us now or leave your details and we will get back to you!

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