Daniel - Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions

Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions, established with an emphasis on radiation protection envelope

Our company provides professional advice to companies and institutions on everything related to electromagnetic radiation, from imaging, forecasting or estimating radiation, through radiation testing to protection planning.  In addition, we offer solutions to ALMG compliance issues.

Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions, certified by the Ministry of Environmental Protection for radiation testing at all frequencies:

RF radiation (electromagnetic) – radiation coming from devices such as: mobile phone, microwave, cordless phone, amateur radio, wireless internet and of course visible or hidden cellular antennas in the vicinity of the home.

• ELF (magnetic field flux density) radiation – power lines, grounding, transformer room, household electrical appliances such as electric bed, transformer, UPS, and more.  Electrical radiation is radiation recognized by the World Health Organization that can cause childhood leukemia.

All devices used by the company are calibrated as required by law and recognized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Daniel Schwartzberg – Behind “Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions”
With over 17 years of experience in radiation, Daniel Schwartzberg has held significant positions in the private and public sectors.


• Permission to measure radiofrequency radiation in the entire frequency range.

• Permit to measure radiation at electric grid frequencies.


• Owner of ‘Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions’ (formerly – ‘Daria Health Engineers’) – (2011 to present).

• Head of Radiation, the Public Council for the Prevention of Noise and Air Pollution in Israel (2007-2011).

• Director of RF electromagnetic interference at Gal Saif Ltd. (2002-2006).


• Holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering B.Sc from Champlin College in the USA.

• Electrical engineer from Tel Aviv College.