Assessing magnetic field exposure levels (radiation prediction)

What is exposure level assessment?

During the design and construction stages of buildings, magnetic field exposure levels are assessed, or as also called forecasting, imaging or radiation estimation.
Exposure level estimation is the act of estimating radiation rates based on electrical programs. When radiation prediction is performed in a particular structure, we receive information about the quantity, intensity and location of electromagnetic fields expected in each area of the structure. When high levels of radiation are detected that may endanger those staying in the place, protection specifications are provided.  The cost of pre-planned protection is significantly cheaper than performing protection in existing construction.

Predict radiation in advance and avoid headache

In the past, before awareness of the dangers of radiation, public and residential buildings were erected without regard for the existence of powerful and dangerous electromagnetic fields. Today, we are aware of the many dangers of radiation and know that we must protect ourselves, our children and our employees from radiation, in order to ensure a good quality of life and to prevent or delay the onset of serious diseases.
As part of the approvals required for the construction of a building, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and local authorities, as well as according to the green building standard – there is a requirement for an exposure level assessment report for magnetic field flux density, in order to ensure that there will be no deviation in the exposure of people, public buildings, schools, residential buildings and more.


Radiation forecasting prior to building construction includes a variety of advantages:

1. Compliance with the law of radiation.
2. Immunity from claims due to excessive radiation.
3. Prevention of alteration and protection costs.
4. A positive image of an environmentally friendly company.
5. Compliance with green building standards.

Radiation prediction saves lives!

Permit to build and operate a radiation source
If a “radiation source” such as a cable shaft, electrical panels, transformer room or antenna is planned in the residential or commercial building –
It is mandatory by law to operate them in accordance with a construction permit and an operating permit from the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
In order to obtain an operating permit from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, a contractor or developer who builds a residential building, commercial building or public building with transformers must perform radiation forecasting. Operating a radiation source without a permit from the Ministry of Environmental Protection
Exposes the contractor and developer to criminal and even civil lawsuits by people who are aware of their rights to live in a radiation-free environment in addition to people whose health has been compromised.
Radiation tests are becoming more and more common among people looking to live in a radiation-free environment. Don’t expose yourself to lawsuits. Give a hand to a green environment.

Radiation forecasting is done only by experts in the field

Daniel – Forecasting consulting and radiation solutions is one of the experts in Israel for assessing exposure levels in the field of electric grid frequencies and radio frequencies.

When performing radiation forecasting, we work with architectural design.
On the electrical plans intended for the building, we perform mathematical calculations with which the radiation lines are calculated.
Radiation forecasting is an insurance certificate for safe construction from radiation.
The procedure of radiation prediction is also called radiation estimation, radiation survey, simulation or imaging.
Its goal is to plan in advance the electrical system in residential towers, private homes and public buildings so that they are protected from dangerous radiation.

Recommended radiation measurement

Non-ionizing radiation – Ministry of Environmental Protection

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