Radiation shielding

Goal: Radiation shielding is a process in which special equipment is installed on the electrical panels and other radiation-emitting installations. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of radiation. Today, it is customary to perform radiation shielding in a variety of places, from residential buildings, kindergartens, transformer rooms, cabinets and electrical panels, UPS rooms, various […]

Assessing magnetic field exposure levels (radiation prediction)

What is exposure level assessment? During the design and construction stages of buildings, magnetic field exposure levels are assessed, or as also called forecasting, imaging or radiation estimation.Exposure level estimation is the act of estimating radiation rates based on electrical programs. When radiation prediction is performed in a particular structure, we receive information about the […]

Radiation at electric grid frequencies

Measuring/testing radiation at electric grid frequencies: Measurement of radiation at electric grid frequencies – low-frequency radiation of the electric grid or ELF coming from power lines of the Israel Electric Corporation, groundings, transformer rooms, and household electrical appliances such as electric beds, UPS transformers, and more. Electrical radiation is recognized by the World Health Organization […]

Measuring radiofrequency radiation

What is radiofrequency radiation measurement? Radiofrequency radiation (RF) or electromagnetic radiation is radiation emitted from devices such as mobile phones, microwaves, cordless telephones, amateur radio, wireless internet And of course cellular antennas – visible or hidden in the residential area. This radiation is generated by changes in electric charge. These changes produce magnetic and electric […]