Radiation at electric grid frequencies

Measuring/testing radiation at electric grid frequencies:

Measurement of radiation at electric grid frequencies – low-frequency radiation of the electric grid or ELF coming from power lines of the Israel Electric Corporation, groundings, transformer rooms, and household electrical appliances such as electric beds, UPS transformers, and more.

Electrical radiation is recognized by the World Health Organization as dangerous and harms the population living in its vicinity.


Population under high risk

Throughout the country, we are witnessing the presence of high-voltage power lines and transformer rooms in the vicinity of homes, schools, and kindergartens.

According to many studies, children are more likely to develop various types of cancer at a discount than those who spend many hours near high-voltage power lines.

In many cases, the public is not aware of the existence of dangerous radiation, such as underfloor heating or heating by an electric sheet.

In both of these cases, when the heating source is electricity, the magnetic field generated near the electric sheet or on the floor itself,

May cause exposure to a very high level of radiation, especially when small children are crawling on the warm floor.


Radiation testing at electric grid frequencies is done only by experts in the field

“Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions” specializes in identifying and treating radiation at electric grid frequencies – in residential areas, industrial and commercial zones and public areas.

Residents who live in the vicinity of high-voltage power lines or transformer rooms and workers are exposed to radiation according to their type of work, the conditions of the building in which they work, or environmental conditions that cause a high level of radiation.

All of them are entitled to live and work in a healthy, safe environment with maximum protection.

Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions, a company with expertise in detecting, measuring, and treating electrical radiation (ELF).

Our measuring instruments are among the most modern and advanced and all radiation tests are performed by qualified examiners.

These tests are thorough, to detect any radiation source in your environment.

We, at Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions, consider it of utmost importance to accompany our clients at all stages of the process-

From identifying the radiation source to planning and executing the solution for maximum effective protection, everything is done under close supervision while tailoring a customized solution.

Radiation at electric grid frequencies

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