Radiation shielding


Radiation shielding is a process in which special equipment is installed on the electrical panels and other radiation-emitting installations.

Its purpose is to prevent the spread of radiation. Today, it is customary to perform radiation shielding in a variety of places, from residential buildings, kindergartens, transformer rooms, cabinets and electrical panels, UPS rooms, various work stations and more.

Why is radiation shielding important?

We are surrounded by radiation – that’s a fact!  At home, at work, in nature, and in fact almost everywhere there are artificial sources of radiation.

It is very important to stay in an environment without radiation (electromagnetic – non-ionizing).

One way to reduce this exposure is radiation protection. Some building materials today block some of the radiation that hits the walls of the house, but not all materials do so –

And not all frequencies and types of radiation are blocked.  In most homes, radiation sources can be found inside the house, some of which emit radiation constantly.

This type of radiation has an effect and health damage on the body’s cells to the point of the possibility of developing dangerous diseases such as cancer.


Main points of the radiation shielding process:

The radiation shielding process includes mapping the magnetic field and a thorough examination aimed at locating all sources of the magnetic field.

Often, during the examination, it is discovered that the radiation source is actually located outside the building and not inside it, and in some cases it is discovered that there are many sources that emit radiation that require protection.

Immediately at the end of the testing and mapping phase, the planning phase begins. At this stage, the nature of the protection is planned, i.e. the number of layers of protection required, the type of materials from which the protection will be created, the manner in which the protection will be installed, and more.


Radiation protection solutions are done only by the experts in the field

“Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions” specializes in radiation protection solutions and works in cooperation with experts in the field from Israel and abroad.

We provide highly effective protection solutions to reduce exposure to dangerous radiation.

High-quality and effective protection prevents the effects and damage to health as well as the possibility of developing dangerous diseases such as cancer.

“Daniel – Forecasting Consulting and Radiation Solutions” possesses all the means and knowledge required to install protective solutions.

We carry out a variety of projects in the field of radiation protection in workplaces such as factories and offices, educational institutions, residential buildings, and more.

We have a professional team of engineers, with all the necessary permits. We also use only high-quality materials to provide our customers with effective and long-lasting radiation protection solutions.

At the end of the installation of the shielding, we conduct a comprehensive and professional radiation examination conducted by a qualified professional and provide the customer with a detailed report.